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Over 600 Audiobooks on 9 DVD: Disc 3-4 (Chaning, Mark.)
Bibliographical information (record 198900)
Over 600 Audiobooks on 9 DVD: Disc 3-4
Chaning, Mark. Search Author in Amazon Books

Audio Books
9780955286100 Book Cover Image
01 Jun 2006
DVD 005597
Detailed notes
    - DVD:3 1.Cabbages and Kings(by O Henry) 2.Call of the Wild(by Jack London) 3. Canterville Ghost (by Oscar Wilde) 4.Captain David Grief(by Jack London) stories 5.Captain Sharkey (by Arthur Conan Doyle)Stories 6.Captain Singleton (by Daniel Defoe) 7.Carnacki (by William Hope Hodgson) stories 8.Chaplet (by Saki) 9.Children of Captain Grant (by Jules Verne) 10.Christmas of 200 000 BC (by Stanley Waterloo) 11.Christmas Eve (by Nikolai Gogol) 12.Cost Of Kindness (by Jerome K Jerome 13.Cracksman-Amateur Cracksman (by E W Hornung) 14.Cracksman-Further Adventuresm (by E W Hornung) 15.Cracksman-Thief in the Night (by E W Hornung) 16.Cruise of the Dazzler (by Jack London) 17.Cupboard of Yesterdays (by saki) 18.Damned Thing (by Ambrose Bierce) 19.Dead Men tell No Tales (by E W Hornung) 20.Dead Smile (by F Marlon Crawford) 21.Defensive Diamond (by Saki) 22.Dirty Money (by James Herlihy) 23.Disintegration Machine (by Arthur Conan Doyle) 24.Doctors Ghost (by Norman MacLeod) 25.Dog or Demon (bye Theo Gift) 26.Down Among the Dead Men(by Michael Hartland) 27.Dracula (by Bram Stoker) 29.Dreamland Bride (by Theophile Gauiter) 30.Drop of Blood (by Mor Jokai) 31.Easter Egg (by Saki) 32.Edgar Poe Collection (by Edgar Poe)stories 33.Edgar Poe -The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket(by Edgar Poe) 34.Edward Randolphs Portrait (by Nathaniel Hawtorne) 35.Enchanted Typewriter (by John Kendrick Bangs) 36.Episode of cathedral History (by M R James) 37.Faerie Queene (by Edmund Spenser) 38.Fantomas 1-Fantomas (by Marcel Allain) 39.Fantomas 2-The Silent Executioner (by Marcel Allain) 40.Fatal Cradle (by Wilkie Collins)
    - DVD:4 1.father Brown Collection (by G K Chesterton) stories 2.Feet (by Mark Channing) 3. Flying Dutchman (by washington Irving) 4. food of The Gods (by h G Wells) 5.For the Blood is the Life (by Francis marion Crawford) 6.Four Just Men(by Edgar Wallace) 7.Furnished Room (by O Henry) 9.Gabriel Ernest (by Saki) 10.Gala Programme (by Saki) 11.Gay Hunter (by J Leslie mitchell) 12.Ghost of Dorothy Dingley (by Daniel Defoe) 13.Ghost Pirates (by William Hope Hodgson) 14.Ghost ship (by Richard Middleton) 15.Ghost Story (by Mark Twain) 16.Ghosts Touch (by Fergus Hume) 17.Gold Axe (by Gaston Leroux) 18.Golden Fleece (by Julian Hawthorne) 19.Grave by the handpost (by Thomas Hardy) 20.Gray Wolf (by George MacDonald) 21.Green Tea (by J Sheridan Le Fanu) 22.Growing Gold (by Bram Stoker) 23.Guliver Travel 1-Voyage to Lilliput (by Jonathan Swift) 24.Guliver Travel 2-Voyage to Brobdingnag (by Jonathan Swift) 25.Guliver Travel 3-Voyage to Laputa (by Jonathan Swift) 26.Guliver Travel 4-Voyage to Houynhnms (by Jonathan Swift) 27.Hand (by Guy de Maupassant) 28.Haunted and Haunters (by Lord Lytton) 29.Haunted Dolls hause (by M R James) 30.Haunted Station (by Hume Nisbet) 31.Hearth of Darkness (by joseph Conrad) 32.Hearts of three (by Jack Londan) 33.Hoare1.Portsmouth Atrocities (by Wilder Perkins) 34.Hoare2.Headless Captains (by Wilder Perkins) 35.Hoare3.Matter of Treason (by Wilder Perkins) 36.Holiday Task (by Saki) 37.HomoCameleopard (by Edgar Alan Poe) 38.Horla (by Guy De Maupassant) 39.Horror Of the Heights (by Arthur Conan Doyle) 40.Hound (by H P Lovecraft) 41.Hounds of Fate (by Saki) 42.How I Edited An Agricultural Paper (by Mark twain) I Killed A Bear (by Charles Dudley Warner) 44.Huckleberry Finn (by Mark Twain) 45.Hunted Down (by Charles dickens) 46.Interlopers (by Saki) 47.Iron Collar (by Marcus Clarke) 48.Jerry of the Islands (by Jack London) 49.John charingtons Wedding (by E Nesbit) 50.John Dene of Toronto (by Herbert Jenkins) 51.Journey to the Center of the Earth (by Jules Verne) 52.Kai Lung unrolls His Mat (by Ernest Bramah) 53.King Solomons Mines (by Rider haggard) 54.Kwaidan (by Lafcadio Hearn) stories 55.Lady Molly(by Baroness Orczy) stories 56.Lady of Glenwith Grange (by Wilkie Collins) 57.Lair of the White Worm (by Bram Stoker)
    - Language : English
    - Subtitles : No Subtitle
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