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Over 600 Audiobooks on 9 DVD : Disc 1-2 (Chaning, Mark.)
Bibliographical information (record 198884)
Over 600 Audiobooks on 9 DVD : Disc 1-2
Chaning, Mark. Search Author in Amazon Books

9780955286100 Book Cover Image
01 Jun 2006
DVD 005596
Detailed notes
    - DVD:1 Children Books: 1.Alice in Wondeland(By Lewis Carroll)2.Alice Through The Looking Glass(By Lewis Carrol)3.At The Back Of The orth Wind(By George MacDanold)4.Baron Munchausen(By R E Raspe)5.Birthday of the Enfanter(By Oscar Wilde)6.Devoted Friend(By Oscar Wilde)7.Dragons-Dragon Egg(By Cleve Gibson )8.Dragons-Dragon Man(By Cleve Gibson)9.Dragons-Dragons Needles(By Cleve Gibson)10.Dragons-Dreadful Dragon of Hay Hill(By Max Beerboohm)11.Dragons-Kind Little Edmund(By E Nesbit)12.Dragons-Reluctan Dragon(By Kenneth Grahame)13.Dragons-Snap-Dragons(By Juliana Horatia Ewing)14.Dragons-The Book of Beasts(By E Nesbit)15.Dragons-The Deliverers of Their Country(By E Nesbit)16.Dragons-The Dragon Tamers(By E Nesbit)17.Dragons-The Fiery Dragon(By E Nesbit)18.Dragons-The Ice Dragon(By E Nesbit)19.Dragons-The Isle of The Nine Whirlpools(By E Nesbit)20.Dragons-The Last of The Dragons(By E Nesbit)21.Dragons-The Sealed Envelope(By Cleve Gibson)22.Dragons-The Trophy Room(By Cleve Gibson)23.Dragons-Two Dragons(By William J Forster)24.Dragons-Uncle James(by E Nesbit)25.Ernest Fluffy rabbit(By Alec Reid)26.Fisherman And Goldfish(By Alexander Pushkin)27.fisherman And His Soul(By Oscar Wilde)28.Five Children And It(By E Nesbit)29.godmother's Garden(By Netta Syrett)30.Hammond's Hard Lines(By Skelton Kuppord)31.Happy Prince(By Oscar Wilde)32.House With The Twisted Passage(By Marion St John Webb)33.Huntingof The snark(By Lewis Carroll)34.Jungle Books(By Rudyard Kipling)35.King of The Golden River (By John Ruskin)36.Knock Three Times(By Marion St John Webb)37.Little Boy Lost(By W H Hudson)38.Little Round House(By Marion St John Webb)39.Magic Lamplighter(By Marion St John Webb)40.Malchish Kibalchish(By Arkadia Gaidar)41.Mr Papingay's Fiying Shop(By Marion St John Webb)42.Nigtingale and roses(By Oscar Wilde)43.Nutcracker(By Alexandre Dumas)44.Old Genie Hottabych(By Lazar Lagin)45.OZ 01.Wizard of Oz (By Frank Baum)46.OZ 02.TheLand of Oz(By Frank Baum)47.OZ 03.Ozma of Oz(By Frank Baum)48.OZ 04.Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz(By Frank Baum)49.OZ 05.Road to OZ(BY Frank Baum)50.OZ 06.Emerald City of Oz(BY Frank Baum)51.OZ.07.Patchwork Girl of Oz(BY Frank Baum)52.OZ.08.The Cowardly Lion and the Hungry tiger(BY Frank Baum)53.OZ.09.Little Dorothy and Toto(BY Frank Baum)54.OZ.10.Tiktok and the Nome King(BY Frank Baum)55.OZ.11.Ozma and the Little Wizard(BY Frank Baum)56.OZ.12.Jack Pumpkinhead and the Sawhorse(BY Frank Baum)57.OZ.13.The Secarecrow and the Tin Woodman(BY Frank Baum)58.OZ.14Tik-Tok of Oz(BY Frank Baum)59.OZ.15.Secarecrow of Oz(BY Frank Baum)60.OZ.16.Rinkitink in Oz(BY Frank Baum)61.OZ.17.The Lost Princess of Oz(By Frank Baum)62.Oz.18.The Tin Woodman of Oz(BY Frank Baum)63.OZ.19.The Magic of Oz(By Frank Baum)64.OZ.20.Glinda of Oz(By Frank Baum)65.Phpenix and the Carpet(By E Nesbit)66.Pied Piper(By Robert Browning)
    - DVD :2 More Children Books: 1.Prince and Pauper(By Mark Twain)2.Prince Prigio(By Andrew Lang)3.prince Recardo(By Andrew Lang)4.Princess and Curdie(By George MacDonald)5.princess and The Goblin(By George MacDonald)6.Queen of the Pirate Isle(By Brat Harte)7.Queen Who Came to Town(By Dulcima Glasby)8.Remerkable Rocket(By Oscar Wilde)9.reynard the Fox(By C S Evans)10.Rip Van Winkle(By Washinton Irving)11.Rose and the Ring(By W M Thackeray)12.Scarlet Sails(By Alexander Gren)13.Selfish Giant(By Oscar Wilde)14.Star-Child(By Oscar Wilde)15.Stary Nights-Absentminded Ghost 16.Stary Nights-Gumball 17.Stary Nights-Smiffy 18.Story of the Amulet(By E Nesbit)19.Terrible Tomboy( By Angela Brazil)20.Three Fat Men(By Yuri Olesha)21.Tinkelly Winkle(By Netta Syrett)22.To central Africa On Iceberg(By Charles Squire and Frank Maclean)23.water Babies(By Charles Kingsley)24.White Cow(By lao Tzu)25.Wind in The Willows(By Kenneth Grahame)26.Wizard Prang(By Frank Baum)27.Wizard Prang(By Alic Reid)28.Young King(By Oscar Wilde)
    - Language : English
    - Subtitles : No Subtitle
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